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 I’ve been in love with Wroclaw for a long time. I am there every year. Even just for a moment, or just in passing.

Wroclaw is the city of bridges, the kingdom of dwarfs, full of good food and lovely people. An ideal place for both a romantic getaway and a trip with the children. In winter and in summer. But why?

Everyone knows Wroclaw for the panorama of Racławice, they know the sculptures of Abakanowicz, the famous Hala Targowa and the fountain in the market square.

But I suggest visiting the city by following the bridges, losing yourself, passing from one bridge to another. Cross between the paths and get lost on the smaller streets. And then try some of the flavours of Wroclaw, because there really are excellent places to eat. The food is good and the people who serve you are characteristic, colourful, friendly, and down to earth. Everything there has a better taste. Leave the market square and explore the small pubs…you will be fine, trust me!

If you are with children, you cannot miss a visit to Africario. But you will like it too, I swear. The place is elaborate in every detail. Though be careful: it really is a time-eater!

Or, another great way to explore the city with children: become detectives and search for the dwarfs! At the tourist information point you can get a map, and off you go! The search is full of excitement, with eyes searching up and down….the dwarfs are everywhere!

After the search you can rest in one of the interesting parks, such as Park Brochowski which has a maze, or Park Staromiejski which has an old French carousel.

Wroclaw is also the capital of cinema. In summer, fans of films come here, both those of classics and of more modern, experimental film. The festival brings together the whole city, and is not just limited to the cinemas.

No matter how you choose to explore the city, it is sure to fascinate you. Ostrów Tumski, beautiful alleys, the square, and Mostek Pokutnic where you can see the red roofs: all this creates a fantastic feel to the city.

The author of the text and photos: NOTsoFAR

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